Moving Times

by SimonDuffill
Moving Times

So having moved, people keep asking me about all the jobs that I have done and what I am up to. It is exceedingly flattering and also surprising when people get excited about the projects I do these days. I am most known for theatre and having taken a hiatus due to my inability to miss the wonderful early years of my two little daughters’ lives it surprises me that people are even interested in the silly and fun little side projects that I undertake in the meantime to keep my creative juices flowing.
Of course, there is a bigger reason for this website. Being based in the US again means that all my new friends who learn that I am a Voice Over artist regularly demand proof of my ability to perform in a US accent. Thus I can send them direct to the link of me talking in many accents, voices and characters ( which saves me embarrassing myself in the gym.
Seriously though, it is a wonderful thing that despite my responsibilities as a company director, consultant and trainer ( that I can still get a little break from the responsibility of being me by pretending to be someone else.
The biggest change of 2015 was in my assumption of the role of singing teacher for the YMCA in Madison NJ. I haven’t taught singing since I subbed in as choral singing teacher at Ravenscourt Stage School more years ago than I care to remember. I had intended to work just a semester and bow out but the position has somewhat expanded my horizons and I have found a great deal of enjoyment. My piano fingers are starting to reappear despite the best efforts of the rickety old piano and I am enjoying rediscovering the finest Disney songs from the last century and teaching them to all my kids. The scariest part is that I am almost persuading myself to put myself out for a few local jazz club piano gigs. There is more practice needed but I am happier sat at a piano singing than I have been for many years. That’s probably because the piano under my fingers is actually starting to sound like music again and the voice (this cold notwithstanding) has never stopped being my ongoing passion.