Audiobook Narration

Tom is an experienced, award nominated and award winning audiobook narrator. Despite working in his native English ‘RP’ accent he has easily and ably performed in such accents as General American, Louisiana, Georgia, Boston, Edinburgh Scottish, Glasgow Scottish, Rural Irish, Northern Irish, Dublin Irish, Welsh, Estuary English, Northumbrian English, Manchester English, Liverpool English, Birmingham English, French Accent, German accent and many more.

Having a background in theatre he has a particular command of characterisation with distinct, specific, appropriate vocalisms for books with a large number of characters.


Please listen to him narrate fiction below;

Here is his non-fiction demo;


Reviews for The Last Kingdom

Audiofile Earphone Award
Audie Award Finalist

Tom Sellwood is outstanding in this performance, not only in his rendering of the myriad character voices, but also in his ability to re-create the atmosphere of the time period. The battle scenes are so realistic that listeners will feel themselves part of the “shield wall,” the preferred military formation of that period. With lots of blood and guts, raping and pillaging, the authenticity is hard to deny. Fortunately, this is the start of a series by Cornwell, and if we’re lucky, Sellwood will narrate them all. – Audiofile Magazine

You would swear that the narrator, Tom Sellwood, is Uhtred himself. Sellwood is completely convincing in the intonations and characteristics of Uhtred, making this story of a quality higher than one would get off the page. Sellwood also portrays the clipped sentences of English lords, and has the relaxed charm and vulgar humor of the Danes absolutely down pat.  – Seer’s Gate

Reviews for Gods Behaving Badly

Tom Sellwood undertakes an enormous cast of characters–from sexy, deep-throated goddesses to the whiny Apollo and an assortment of Londoners….. flawless, keeping a high-energy pace and offering a barrel of laughs –  Audiofile Magazine

Tom Sellwood delivers in an English accent that works well with the setting. He ably projects the various gods’ and goddesses’ personas through their dialogue, so Apollo’s arrogance is heard as well as Ares’ more aggressive personality. Sellwood is at his best as Neil, the dry and mild-mannered engineer who gets caught up in the games of the gods. – Publisher’s Weekly

Tom Sellwood is the perfect narrator for this audio book. His range of voices is so vast that I found myself checking the credits to see if Jim Dale of Harry Potter fame was really narrating. Sellwood’s sultry Aphrodite, arrogant Apollo, naïve Alice and imperious Hades are in distinct contrast to his plain-spoken, cockney-accented Neil.
Between Phillips’ clever and imaginative plotting, characterization and dialogue and Sellwood’s mesmerizing reading, the fortunate listener is treated to an enthralling adventure. – Roadtrip America

The narrator, Tom Sellwood, is really quite outstanding, and you forget that you’re listening to just one person. The voices are consistent by character, and varied enough to be quickly recognizable from one another. It’s truly an outstanding audiobook. My only complaint is – ABRIDGED! Why? I wanted the whole thing because I wanted more of this truly lovely experience. –

Reviews for Lords Of The North

Tom Sellwood’s magical voice brings to life the excitement and terror of those tumultuous times. All fans of the exploits of Cornwell’s Richard Sharpe, who fights in the Napoleonic Wars, should love this series. Sellwood carries the many male roles exceeding well……. His Danish accent works particularly well among his numerous British accents. Lovers of medieval British history will also appreciate Sellwood’s effortless rendering of the difficult people and place names of the time – Audiofile Magazine

Tom Sellwood’s reading contributes to this can’t-miss acquisition for libraries with patrons who like historical adventures. – Library Journal

Reviews for The Pale Horseman

Tom Sellwood represents historical dialects by giving characters contemporary accents matching their provenance. The Danes sound Scandinavian, the cultured Alfred has an educated “standard” accent, and Uhtred, the hero and narrator, a fierce pagan Northumbrian accent, in which “struggle” sounds like “stroogle.” Sellwood’s tactic allows him to differentiate characters well. Cornwell’s storytelling skills and Sellwood’s vigorous reading keep the tale involving and entertaining to the end. – Audiofile Magazine

relaxed and confident narration – Library Journal

Reviews for Martha Peake

Tom Sellwood …. has a warm, pleasant voice…. Sellwood creates fine characterizations. – Audiofile Magazine